Wednesday, September 27, 2017

For Her, To Her !

Parching her with the norms
The society breathes
Hushing her voice
Ohh, they want to lead

Her soul should be calm
Her thoughts pure
Oh dear Lord
Else, how she'll endure

Publishing her a rulebook
They amend it occasionally
It's for her safety, you see
They carve it so beautifully

Tormenting her deep
How far you'll go
Ignorant of her resilience
One day you'll all bow

Concurrent in her mind
Are plenty symphonic nodes
Swapping them in right time
She won't let them reload

Monday, October 10, 2016

Home away from Home !

I can't even begin to tell you, that how much I am going to miss you all ! How fortunate was I, that in my second year of college Mamu got transferred here at Dappar and there was I so glad, so happy within. Knowing that I am going to feel all blessed again by getting to spend time with people I owe my childhood to.

How do I even start with nanu - nani ! I always feel that I am their favourite one ! After all I have got to spend some of the best and beautiful and memorable times with them. From being with my nani all day long when I was a toddler to waiting for nanu to come back from office along with her, going to walks, jumping and twirling with them, reciting poems to nanu, telling him tables when I learnt, studying from him, relishing meals that nani cooked, sleeping in between them, waiting for holidays so as to that I could go to nani ghar and spend my vacations with them. Never letting my other cousins to sleep with them even when I knew that they come like once in a year and I am here all day long ! 22 years have passed since then and still every memory is vivid in my mind and is treasured by the heart. I love to have discussions with nanu, hearing his good old struggling days, such inspiring stories and my nani, she can never get tired of pulling my cheeks and kissing me. Your blessings I need them for a lifetime! How you both have hold each other is breathtaking. I love you both !

Mamu - Mami, what shall I say about you. You guys are the best Mamu mami in this entire universe! The little things you both do, I could not not love you for them. Mamu, the way you always keep on urging me to stay with you and keep on planning ki aisa Kar leinge, you make me feel so blessed and special. Your that mysterious smile, I love that. From you making me stay few more days there at Barmer, when I was only four, to you making me stay here with you a day more, you know all the ways inside out ! Mami, I may have never said this, but you are more of a friend with whom you know I am me. With whom I can talk anything, have some serious talks and later have some loud laughters. You totally seem like us. Honestly it's you who made me feel so much home, you have always done that. Right from when you came into our lives. The way you always make sure that I take my favourite food along when I go back, I cannot thank you enough. I love you both. Thank you for always being there.

And now, last but not the least. Man ! What would I have done without you two army brats! Right from the day you were born, Ashish you have beaten the shit out of me ! Hahahahahahaha. Not that good words! From our innumerable fights which are never ending, to our crazy times and memories. My childhood would have been vague without you. My first little sibling you are, we have our secrets, we have our fights, you irritate me like hell and I am like, that's it ! I am never going to listen to you and what next then ! I am there cooking something or the other for you. I like it when you come to me for some advice and I totally hate it when you don't listen to it. In these yers, our bond has only grown and I hope that it keeps on growing this way ! I love you
Coming to you Pistodi, oh my little girl, you are this huge bundle of joy! Crazy, insane, filled with madness and sensibility at the same time. I have had some best memories with you. Being the little one, I still remember holding you so carefully in my arms, and here you are now all grown up ! You have made me live the childhood years. Those water fights, those crazy dances, our pizza dates, our scooty rides, those singing songs, few cooking ventures, some serious talks, some secrets, from tickling you to you doing my head massage. There is no doubt I am going to miss you the most. I love you and I am going to be right there. I hope I always remain your favourite sissy !

How fortunate I was that when I came into this alien land, you all came and then when I am almost on the verge of going back home, you too are going. May be I come back here, may be I don't. I wish you all the best always. Kids, you have especially miles to go !

I love you all and I am going to miss you badly !
My home away from home!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Peace Is All We Need !

"India - Pakistan war is not that far", this is what we have been reading, listening and discussing about past few days. Lets go ahead with this, is so easy for us to say. Right ? Have we ever wondered about what its repercussions will be. Tons of innocent lives would be lost, at both side of the border. Lets ask ourselves. Do we really need this ?

What is actually the need of the hour? It is to end terrorism. War would never eliminate it forever. History is in itself the evidence, that it has always been the innocent people who suffer the most, who never ever wished for this anytime, anywhere. WAR, a mere three letter word is easy to speak of, but we can never imagine what it is going to lead us to. It is not going to be so easy for us to stand back on our feet too. I don't condemn 'Surgical Strikes'. That was required. That was the need. Shedding off the terrorists, who are continuously on the verge of  killing and are destroying the tranquil state of every living being is may be must. And may be this is what they desire for. May be this is what they wish to do, they may be want to tectonic-ally spread the disturbances of some war throughout the globe.

Look out to the Syria war. Is this what any of us want ? What is happening to us. Why do we have so much of violent instinct inside us. We are common people. We don't want this. None of us. Neither the common people in our soil, nor there at the other side of the border. Good humans exist here. Good humans exist there.

It's high time we realise, that terrorism needs to be eliminated from the roots and the entire world needs to come together and achieve that peace, which makes this Earth proud of its most sensible beings.

We don't want our soldiers to be martyred, we don't want any innocent life to go away.
All we want is the end of terrorism. And I am sure, there is definitely a better solution to it other than WAR.

"Heal the world. make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race."

P.S : This had been going through my mind since days and I really wanted express through words, but even after writing, I don't feel I have done justice, there is so much one could write and express. May be this writing was enough. Or may be it was not ! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Final Goodbye !

A place reflects not just few but tons of unsaid things. It holds some vibes which either would want you to stay or would want you to just run away !
And that running away feeling down casts you just so more. You keep on wondering that neither the place could be yours and nor you could be for the place. You both just don't fit in together. It's not that the place has done something to you. Even with so much good around, you become oblivious to the goodness. All you know is that you are not meant to be here. And you wait to run away as soon as you can.

And suddenly when that moment comes near by, there is this gush of flash backs where you try to gather as to how had you been living here so long ! How could you be just so strong or may be just so helpless !

The irony is that along with the contentment to leave the place, there is this irresistible feeling that now makes you want to run away sooner. It makes you impatient. It sinks in you and you lose all the strength that you had been carrying since the day you came to this place and feel helpless all over.

And here again you are collecting all those shattered pieces and there you say it to yourself, "You did it for so long. It's just a matter of few more days."

A place can either make you or break you.

Hey place

You didn't make me but I didn't let you break me either.
You were not bad may be.
May be I never wanted to find anything good in you.
I tried.
But I couldn't !

Sorry, but I am never going to miss you.
Take care till we meet again(If ever)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One Small Step !

One small step
To glance inside
And find yourself

One small step
To embrace the uniqueness
And appreciate yourself

One small step
To travel around
And explore life

One small step
To play your quirk
And awe yourself

One small step
To go beyond the comfort zone
And live life

One small step
To appreciate what lies
And cherish the moments

One small step
To break off from mundane
And discover life

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Changing Changes

Nothing ever remains constant, it is often said. Then what about the changes we undergo ? Does the transformation that we observe in ourselves temporary or is it going to stay with us for long or may be forever? We keep on growing and we have to grow until eternity. But sometimes our conscious does not want to accept certain changes we go through. Our mind says its going to turn out pretty good for you. But our soul tries to push us back to attain one such change which it does not feel comfortable with. It pushes us so hard that we start to dislike this change and feel so shitty about it. We start to curse ourselves as to how could this just happen. We start hating ourselves about it. Somewhere may be we know that the change is must but then we just cannot accept ourselves with that change. At every point we start contradicting ourselves. What we feel, what we want to and what we actually do, everything just gets knotted up. Reason being may be how would people perceive us after the change. No, the actual reason being how would we perceive ourselves after the change. When we are not liking ourselves in the mere transformation, there is this hundred and ten percent assurance that we would not like ourselves after we are transformed into something we never wanted to within. Its just that the circumstances made us to do so.

The thing is may be we attain this transformation. But that is just the layer that lies over us. Because we can never be someone our soul does not want us to be. We may enact upon our change but the irony is we are ever going to stay the same within and this layer of transformation is too going to fade away soon.

So these changes are never constant. You change and you come back to what you are what you love to be.

After all, changes keep changing.          

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Happier Happiest

I am happy. The world seems happier. Life is so happening people.Wow man ! I feel so rejuvenated. So excited. So calm. Irony it is ! I am insane. Yes I am. Everyone is. Insanity is fun people. Come on. It is worth enough. Every moment must be danced upon. Plug in your earphones and move and turn to the soft music or play the music loud and dance as if no one is looking. What am I writing ? Sounds so insane. Right? I love being insane at times. Life is so worth being insane. This is the moment. Live it. Cherish it. Dance to it. Whatever. Be you. Be true. Keep aside the regrets. Shunt out the grudges. Sing out loud or just hum to your tunes. This is all random I am writing. All random it is. To which I feel sometimes randomness is good do. Random thoughts. Random actions. Smile people and spread the smiles. Go on a cliff and listen to your echo. Make it last longer. Keep on inhaling the optimism people. Pessimism, just sieve that off.

Stay charming. Stay beautiful all
I'll be back soon.

I am happy. The world seems happier. Life is happening.